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Biostatistics Clinical Research Services

Biostatistics Clinical Research

Our biostatistics clinical research division is involved in activities related to understanding of biostatistical models with their associated statistical theory and to the application of these models to the analysis of data collected in many different experimental situations. These experimental situations include statistically designed laboratory experiments, prospective and retrospective epidemiological studies, survey research, behavioral research, and clinical research including, but not limited to, clinical trials, among others.

Biostatistics Services

Our biostatistics services involve the application of statistical techniques to scientific research in health-related fields, including medicine, drug discovery, and clinical trials research. The field of biostatistics has become an essential tool in improving the outcomes in R & D centres. It also generally involves statistical work in areas of environmental study, agricultural research and biology.

Our Biostatisticis services play essential roles in scheming studies and data analysis from research problems. It helps in formulation of scientific queries, establish the appropriate sampling techniques, coordinate data collection procedures, and carry out statistical analyses to answer those scientific questions.

BioStatistical Analysis Services

Our BioStatistical analysis services play an important role throughout any clinical trial, from planning, conduct, interim analysis and final analysis and reporting. The statistician devises the randomization schedules. It provides guidances on sample size, criteria for measuring treatment differences and analysis of response rates. The data are shown in the form of survival curves. Analysis (interim and final) is the responsibility of the study statistician.

Biostatistical Methods :

BioStatistical methods are beginning to be integrated into medical informatics, Life science Informatics and public health informatics.

  • Descriptive Statistics, Reliability analysis, Construct validity analysis
  • Chi-square and t-tests
  • Correlation, Regression, Anova and Manova
  • Factor analysis, Multivariate Analysis (PCA, PLS etc) and Clustering Techniques

Our Biostatistics Services

We have well trained Market Research data analysis professionals to carry out complicated tasks in Biostatistics Clinical Research Services . We have licensed copies of SAS,MATLAB, and SPSS to perform all Biostatistics Services. CONTACT US

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