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Client Testimonials For Our Services

Our Client Responses

"Thank you for your call. I have reviewed the files and I appreciate your team's work. Thank you.

"The work is all perfectly understandable. I have more (hopefully more straightforward) projects coming in few weeks. I will ask for your help again on these because you all completed this project well".

Project Manager @ One Of The Market Research Companies in US On Our Statistical Analysis Capabilities

"From my perspective, you all were very responsive under very difficult circumstances-- tight deadlines, a lot of different requests, many of which were not well structured methodologically (by that I mean the specific analysis goals were not considered when the study was designed, so sample sizes were not necessarily set appropriately, and questions could have been refined to provide better insight). I really appreciated all the hard work that your team did, and found the work to be of high quality. Please accept my thanks, and let the rest of your team know how much I appreciate all the help."

Director, Professional Services @ One Of The Leading Market Research Companies in US: On Our Data Analysis Capabilities

“We have a huge potential in data management services and we shall engage Brainwave in this area, as your quality and deliverables are excellent”.

From One Of Our Partner Companies: On Our Data Management Services

"Thank you for completing the European pilot profiling project. I especially appreciated your ability to identify some issues with the information that our client had sent. We also felt the two profiles you completed were well done. We look forward to continuing to work with you on this project."

Vice President, Professional Services @ One Of The Leading Market Research Companies in US: On Our Knowledge Management Capabilities

"We are very pleased with what we are seeing so far. My immediate team in business development group - we are all impressed and getting lots of ideas for user interface enhancements and other applications for the tagging"

"I had a chance to discuss yesterday's phone call with Executive Director of International Business & Product Development, and shared some screenshots of the webex demonstration. We are both excited to see the depth of work you have done in this area and are interested to see how these tools could enhance content. I was also impressed by the scientific expertise represented by your colleagues."

Manager, Product Development @ One Of The Leading Medical Journal Publishers Based in US: On Our Knowledge Management Capabilities


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