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Online Business Research

The World Wide Web boasts of over two billion pages of freely accessible information. There are definitely a lot of information available but searching for particular information from such a huge repository (to call it a repository is an understatement), is certainly a herculean task.Fortunately, search engines help us collect the necessary information by just keying in a word or a string. Predominantly, search engines such as Google, Alta Vista, Yahoo, etc. deliver results and make our jobs easier. These websites throw up thousands of pages that again would put us in a fix with a problem of abundance.

Online Business services:

Online Business Research is the most economical way to capture data from a larger pool of sources on the internet. However, most organizations invest a lot of money and energy on primary research and this may be completely justified. There may be quite a few reasons,

  • Do not have the expertise to locate the necessary information on the internet
  • May not get the up-to-the-minute results on free sources on the internet
  • Not sure about the credibility of the data as there are numerous sources providing different information

Online Business Solutions :

Informatics Outsourcing boasts trained researchers who have proven expertise in desk and online business solutions. We understand that the information provided to our customers should have the quality and add value to the critical decisions being made thereafter. Accuracy of information is of greatest importance, which is why we adhere to stringent quality standards. Our online business services involve the extensive search of both offline and online business research sources like repositories and databases.

Online business Research results can be used to provide Business Intelligence on a broad variety of topics:

  • Industry profiling and analysis
  • Demographic analysis
  • Product/services analysis
  • Market Opportunity Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Key Account Profiling
  • Company Analysis
  • Market feasibility study
  • Market entry strategy
  • Emerging market trends
  • Database Management

Online Business Research Methods used at Informatics Outsourcing:

At Informatics Outsourcing, our online business research professionals broadly utilize the internet to access secondary data sources, as most articles, data or press releases are available online. Our online business research professionals then evaluate the different factors that act upon the given company's performance in their respective league. An evaluation of the close competitors can also be performed to assess your market position vis-a-vis your competitors'.

Our researchers use various techniques to get the information they are looking for. Our Online business services are mainly conducted through secondary research techniques. It involves analysis of information that has already been gathered for a different purpose. The sources of secondary research are usually statistical data, newspaper/magazine articles, demographic data, freely accessible repositories, research papers, subscription based websites, etc.

Outsourcing Online Business Research Service:

Outsourcing internet research projects to us would not only serve as a cost saving exercise, but would also provide you with critical information for your decision making process.CONTACT US for more information on our internet research services.

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