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Industry Profiling:

A broad knowledge of the industry in which one operates will certainly provide them with opportunities for better financial growth, improved profits and a larger client base. A complete industry profiling campaign would enable any business to be abreast of the latest as well as historical happenings in the industry. At Informatics Outsourcing, we use advanced search techniques and effective data management in order to provide organizations with up to date and relevant information on any given industry.

An overview of the relevant industry features and developments, key players and market opportunities.

Our standard industry profiles usually include key info such as:

  • Market size in terms of dollars and historical growth rate
  • Progressions and trends in the industry
  • Degree of market consolidation of the leading players and their prevailing market shares
  • Merger and acquisitions in the industry
  • Marketing activity (Sales & distribution channels)
  • Key market drivers
  • Future growth expectations
  • Industry associations, Government decrees and relevant authorities

Industry Profiling from Informatics Outsourcing:

One of the most sought after theories that has been applied in the industry profiling is the Porters model. Porter's five forces is a proven structure for the industry profiling and business strategy development. It was developed by Michael E. Porter of Harvard Business School in 1979. Porter's five forces include,

Bargaining Power of Customers::

  • Bargaining power of suppliers
  • Threat of new entrants
  • Threat of substitutes
  • Competitive rivalry within the industry

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A part of the industry profiling from Informatics Outsourcing would be essentially based on the Porter's model as it would show clear avenues to organizations seeking competitive advantage in the ever improving industries across the globe.

Outsourcing industry profiling projects to us would not only serve as a cost saving exercise, but would also provide you with information with quality written all over it. The most common components of a complete Industry profiling project would be,

Industry Overview

  • Background information
  • Historical data about the industry
  • Factors that affect growth
  • Leading businesses in the industry
  • Coming of age of the companies, most common strategy, gems of the industry, etc.
  • Estimated size of the industry
  • Trends in sales over recent years

Companies in the industry

  • Background of the companies, their financial data, share performance, marketing strategies, etc.
  • Product categories
  • Competitor information

Consumer Market Data

  • Demographics - Population/household size, median income, age, sex, race, ethnicity, family status, housing status, etc.
  • Psychographics - Lifestyle, tastes, preferences, purchasing power and buying habits

Financial situation of the industry as a whole

Growth predictions of the industry in the future

  • Based on articles, journals, experts' views, etc.
  • Developments, News, Innovations
  • Government regulations and interventions

Research findings

  • findings of the primary and secondary research processes

Scholastic findings from top drawer universities

Outsourcing industry profiling Services:

Outsourcing industry profiling projects to us would not only serve as a cost saving exercise, but would also provide you with information with quality written all over it.
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