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Informatics Outsourcing is a marketing web portal of BrainWave Biotechnology Limited. Informatics Outsourcing offers professional services to different customers across the globe covering various industries. The services span different aspects of knowledge and Business Process Outsourcing Solutions (KPO and BPO). We have a team of well experienced professionals who bring in specialized capabilities to handle the wide spectrum of service industry and are capable of providing unique solutions to the customer’s problems.

Our accomplished researchers and analysts provide immeasurable reasons for customers around the globe to utilize our offerings. Our expertise can complement your business and our technologies can be accessed through collaboration. Our services can be utilized to handle multitude of complex computational challenges faced by Pharmaceutical Companies, Biotechnological Companies, Healthcare Companies and Research Institutions. The Informatics Outsourcing knowledge management team encompasses PhD level statisticians, MSc level analysts, Graduates in Management and IT professionals to provide clients wide-ranging solutions. We have also carved out a niche for ourselves on specific domains such as the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries that require meticulous study and analysis. The Informatics Outsourcing business process unit has industry experts who have many years of experience in project management and in maintaining high quality standard in the deliverables. These factors make us one of the Best Global Service Providers to Outsourcing needs of the Customer.

Our professional setup goes beyond offering you considerable cost efficiencies and swift turn around. We also provide you with a highly knowledgeable and experienced group of industry veterans and experts, focused on offering you the requisite quality and accuracy in the projects. This makes us a valuable proposition to our clients worldwide.

Our offerings in KPO/ BPO Services include:

Data Management Services

Manage your data management processes to top-notch standards. We have installed an effective mix of efficient experts, methodologies, processes and technological expertise to carry out the operations to perfection.

Market research Services

We possess the necessary knowledge and skills to perform and use the applications of market research methods in the field of marketing. Our Market Research is best utilized as an investigative and development bases. We provide end-to-end services in the following market research methods,

Software Engineering Services

We have a team of highly experienced and skilled developers with Microsoft and Sun certification . We believe in modular programming, scalable applications which could be customized to meet the various specific applications and requirements of our clients. Projects are planned with milestones and periodic deliverables.

Pharma and Biotechnology

At Informatics Outsourcing, we understand the outsourcing requirements of pharma, Biotech industries. We hold sufficient knowledge and infrastructure to execute Bio-IT and life science informatics projects. We have broad talent pool of accomplished researchers and scientists from leading institutions and with overseas work experience.

Healthcare and Clinical Research Services

India has become a strong outsourcing destination for healthcare industry. Informatics Outsourcing has talented pool of statisticians who can effortlessly execute clinical data analysis according to the study protocol and report the analysis results as per the required standard. Clinical data management is an another area where informatics outsourcing can provide value addition to the customers requirements.

Remote Science Education

Remote science education services from Informatics Outsourcing delivers effective structured and focused training straight to your desktop. Using secure desktop sharing technologies we can deliver tailored coaching to individuals or groups in the domains of Bio-IT, Data Mining, Web Mining and other Bioinformatics studies.

Leagal Process Outsourcing

India has emerged as one of the favored destinations for organizations looking to outsource legal work. There are very noticeable advantages like accessibility of qualified attorneys from US and UK who has proficiency in the English language who can provide cost effective and time saving legal works. There are a lot of similarities between the Indian legal system and its counterparts in the US and UK.

KPO, BPO Service Offerings-Summary

Wide range of KPO, BPO offerings by Informatics Outsourcing can be summarized into the following key areas:

Market Research

Key Opinion Leader Profiling, Key Opinion Leader Ranking, Secondary Market Research, Internet search/Web search, Web search-process automation, Contacts Information Mining

Data Management

Form Filling, XML/HTML conversion, Copy editing/technical editing, e-publishing content Writing

Statistical Analysis

Clinical data analysis, Parametric/Non Parametric Tests, Multivariate techniques, Conjoint analysis, Segmentation analysis, Cluster analysis, Perceptual Mapping, Factor analysis, Data Analysis and Report Writing, SPSS design and coding

IT services

Perl/Java scripts, software tools development

Value additions

To our customers worldwide: Our cost effective and time saving outsourcing services are well demonstrated as we follow stringent quality control processes to assure 100% excellence.

To our staff: Professional guidance from the peers is a sure thing at Informatics Outsourcing. Our wide - ranging services provide great learning experience for our employees.

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